Volunteering at Fire in Valparaiso

After the major forest fire in Valparaiso, I was there to volunteer. We collected two truck loads of stuff that we gathered from Renaca. 

I was volunteering with  as they were receiving donations. 

It was splendid to see so many people coming out to help. But other side of the table was complete chaos. 

I want to talk about the process being opted to handle donation and suggest probably what could be a better way to manage it. 

Here is the existing process

  1. Bags gets dumped in dump area.
  2. These bags get randomly picked up different volunteer and are taken to different section like male or female etc.
  3. Content of the bag are then sub categorized like for shirts, pants, jeans etc.
  4. These categorization are complete arbitrary, mainly based on volunteer doing it. 

However, there are some riders:

  • Lots of content belong to other category like female and then they will go and look for the relevant category to distribute content from that bag. Which mainly is like one or two items. 
  • Once the load increases and if someone takes initiatives they will get boxes and then people will start putting it in boxes.

This is what happens in reality:

Here are couple of disadvantages of the system:

  1. Categorization change based on Individual volunteer looking after it.
  2. Lot of time is wasted in cross offering like volunteer from male section will go on delivering a female shirt he found in his lot.
  3. Lots of time in briefing new volunteer to understand whats happening. 
  4. All these makes it extremely time consuming. 
  5. No structured outcome. Some bags are categorized as back packs and other bags, while other are categorized as female bags and male bags

Here is my proposal:

New process for categorization:

  1. Circular Arrangement
  2. All the dumps get at Master categorizing. The team working here will have clear instructions. Categorize content in 5 categories: 
    1. Male 
    2. Female
    3. Shoes
    4. Home
    5. Bags
  3. People in each Category has a main job to sub categorize like following: 
    1. Male:
      1. Winterwear
      2. Pants
      3. Shirts
      4. T-shirts
    2. Shoes: 
      1. Man shoes
      2. Woman Shoes
      3. Kid - girl shoes
      4. Kid - Boy shoes
    3. Etc. 
  4. In case if they still find any unit of cross category they just dump it back in the master categorization. 
  5. Final leg is a team that does the packing. Their job is to get boxes and put stuff in the boxes, pack and dispatch.

Here are some of the interventions with new process:

  1. Master categorization. 
  2. Clearly defined categories
  3. Clarity in roles for each stage worker
  4. Specialization in the role with focused work.

Hope someone finds it useful!

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Homework interface

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Forwarding with outlook

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India to Startup Chile - Learning curve 1

Once you have applied online they will let you know if you are selected or not by publishing on their website and by sending you an email. (Though I didn’t receive email) 

Once you receive email and you send confirmation about your participation they send you a welcome pack. 

Under welcome pack you are expected to send your passport details and scanned copy of passport. 

Now, they will send you the invitation code for Visa and you have to do lots of other stuff. 

I have described couple of things here: 

1. Get PCC (Police clearance certificate): For all the team members you have to get PCC you need to be in the location of issue of your passport or you need some ID proof for the address of current location. Now this is really tricky or the trickiest part of entire process. 

You can apply online for the PCC here: (Follow the steps mentioned on the site)

Then you have to pay online and get an appointment to nearest PSK (Passport seva kendra) from the same site. 

Remember: Some sites do not offer PCC service. Hence confirm before making online payment. 

To apply for PCC you need two references, locally. So please keep their address and phone number handy. You need to be in town when you get PCC. 

When you go for appointment: Carry the receipt from the online form you have filled, Passport copy and your address proof for the city in which you are applying for PCC. (List of valid documents are available on the site. Rent agreement is not considered a valid document)

Average time it takes to get PCC is 10 - 15 days.

2. Now you should get in touch with consulate to know the documents required for VISA. You need to get health check up done. So check with consulate on where and what kind of health check up you need to get done. 

3. Ticketing: If you are flying from India, most flight will be going through London and USA. Both the places require transit visa for you to travel. If you have a valid and stamped visa for US, you can take this route. But if you don’t have, then you have two options:

1. Choose a flight route which doesn’t require any transit Visa. Ideally flights going through gulf / Africa and Brazil to Santiago. Even flights from Europe are considered valid options. 

2. Get a Transit Visa for UK and OR US. You have to apply for Transit Visa before departing from the country. Cost of getting transit Visa for UK is roughly 5 to 10K and cost of getting US transit Visa is about 10K (All amount in INR) It takes about 10 - 15 days to get one Transit Visa. Based on your flight itinerary you need to check how many Transit Visa you need. 

However first one is preferable over second. 

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The real deal about Kejriwal - A critical view on the situation

Kejriwal seems to have pulled it off. I like him a lot, rather admire him a lot for reasons quite different than why most of the people like him. Kejriwal pulled off an excellent marketing campaign in Delhi. Right when he started his campaign I was in awe with the whole shit. From communication that reflects real understanding of your consumer. Simplicity, by which everyone can understand, positioning, that a large population can relate with. All in all it was an incredible campaign. 

He might be good as a person also, I am relatively confident about his own intensions to do ‘good work’. By ‘Good’ I mean ethical work. 
His agenda is quite clear and he articulates it really well, which is to fight corruption. He is against corruption. And it seems that whole of Delhi has gone crazy for it. Fine, we can’t expect anything smarter from crowd as well. 
However I have big questions for all those senior people I see talking about him and AAP party. Given that I don’t see any sense in asking Kejriwal or AAP party these questions, because they are doing whats right for their party. And i think they are doing great work. 
The question is, Kejriwal is talking about Corruption and getting these people behind the bars. Not sure, if you guys understand that corruption is not about one party or few people, corruption is about the system and system design. We need to understand how integrated systems work and how these dependencies make way for corruption. Corruption is present in most of the worlds complex systems, not limiting to politics only. 
If you want to work in such integrated systems you have to adapt and take different stakeholders along with you. People give up to corruption because they want their work to be done. Good people in politics will have to be let corruption happen because they want to see development, there are some interesting case studies and books by Harvard professor on this topic.
To summarise my first point, if you say no-no to any corruption it will come at the cost of ‘development’ people give in because they value development and larger good more than the corruption. I am not saying that everyone should give in to corruption, I am just stating the importance of ‘development’. I can clearly see that Arvind Kejriwal will not succumb to corruption, good. but whats his strategy for development? Does he have a strategy on who will ensure that development happens. You can sit back and do nothing, move nothing and no corruption will happen. You need to move mountains and still make sure that corruption doesn’t happen - that will be the real genius. I don’t see that with Kejriwal. 
Second I see lot of people saying ‘Democracy won’ not sure what they mean by democracy won. I would say good marketing won. Democracy was always there, good marketing is what has happened for the first time. We are yet to see if the product is going to be good or not.
Third, I found Kejriwal is too dramatic and corny. I am sure anyone with neutral view will agree to this point. Be his ‘wet look photos’ behind auto rickshaw and all his campaigns co-lateral or his statements like ‘another fight for independence’ or his idea of holding regular public meetings to hear public issues on first hand like ‘taking too long to get licenc etc. etc.  Now Its good that he wants to stay close to his consumers. Which is what every marketer should do, But I don’t think thats the only thing he needs to do, he is a chief minister and he needs to focus on lot of strategic areas as well. 
Corruption can not be a goal. corruption is an attribute of the system. Its like a value. You can say my goal is development of Delhi, to Improve Delhi’s infrastructure and attract investment in delhi and while doing so I will ensure that there is no corruption. For example: How about an organisation that comes up and says transparency is our goal. We will have a transparent organisation. And imagine, here goes all people lining up to buy the product. 
I am not a political guy. I don’t think BJP or Congress is good or that AAP is bad. There is no right or wrong answer. We will need a complex model to evaluate each party and see which are good at doing what things. 
I see good people in all the parties, who are good in different areas. If I have to craft Indian government I would bring out the best people from all the parties together. Arvind Kejriwal would be there definitely. He would be the head of anti corruption and Police, but I wouldn’t see as a leader in general, not a CM or PM candidature. 
Lets not do the common hiring mistake. You might find an excellent candidate for the engineering, He might be brilliant in engineering but not that great in HR or Finance or Legal. Let the guy do what he does best - Engineering. If you put him in the wrong position entire organisation will suffer and so will the candidate. The skills required for an activist is completely different front that of the CM. Fighting corruption is not the only agenda on CM’s plate. 
We need Kejriwal in India, but I am afraid putting him in wrong job might bring a terrible end to his career. Also some of his approach is really good, like taking public poll etc. But overdoing it might not be good. Maybe he will learn to be a leader and emerge, maybe he will fail and forgotten. 
Lets see as the pages unfold. 
Thank you. 
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Conversion rate for paisa and rupee

Lets see how to convert rupees into paisa: 


1 rupee = 100 paise 


1 paise = 0.01 rupee

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All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

Lord of the rings. 
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Feeding Bullshit to Kids!

I was traveling in train from Delhi to Ahmedabad, where a Family of four joined my cabin. They (Father) seem to be working in Government department, Father barely had some education and were talking in typical rural Gujarati language. He must be in his early 40s and had a fat belly. His Wife was also from a rural background with no or very little education. She was a housewife and hardly knew anything about the world. They had two kids (one daughter and one son). Both had weird face features that was typical of rural background. 

There was something about the family that took me aback with a shock. The husband was really dominant and was talking to everyone in the family with absolute authority. He will order everyone in the family. This included his Wife also. He would treat his Wife as if she is just another maid. And wife would happily do whatever asked without any questions. The treatment to the wife didn’t seemed justified to me. But everyone around me was completely okay. 
But something much more interesting happened: When his inquisitive daughter asked him about something, he answered utter crap but with highest confident. I knew he was just throwing bullshit. But he spoke as if he knew everything. His Daughter accepted whatever was told to her. She learned something that moment which was not right. Why did her father taught his daughter something that was not right, which he knows was a bluff. There might be many such lies / incorrect information that she might be exposed to in her life. 
Her life ‘may’ be doomed and we know one of the probable reason for the same. But I am more interested in what made her father speak bullshit (which even he is aware of) with such level of confidence. 
Here are my two cents: 
I believe the roots lies in Ego-state and beliefs. 
there are two parts to the problem: 
1. Why did he Lie, when he didn’t knew the truth? 
2. Why so much confidence? 
Here is my hypothesis: 
1. Ego-state: He is the parent / Leader of the family. He enjoys a stature in the family of absolute authority due to this leadership position. As a Dominant leader he is expected to have all the answers. Accepting / Confessing to not have an Answer is considered a social taboo and is extremely degrading. This social setting makes the accepting to not know answer massively painful exercise. Hence the person was compelled to answer, this answers the first point. 
2. Beliefs: What gave him confidence was the belief that there is no one higher in the group to question him. The kind of circle he might be going around with also have a similar attitude (of throwing bullshit with confidence), Hence when people accept and appreciate his response, over time strengthening his confidence.  
I am sure there is more to it, much deeper then this.I am already working on why does our mind make us do such things, even outside such social setting. 
More in next post. 
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Inside TAO Education - Mondays

We believe learning is an integral part and everyone should keep learning continuously. Hence we started having ‘Monday Jazz’ A ted like session where we all get 15 minutes to talk on a topic, which is being selected individually from a pool of topics. This pool of topics are contributed from everyone in the team, the only catch is one can not select the topic suggested by oneself. 

The idea to swap the process was to see how it works when you want to learn something, but instead of learning by self you expect someone else to teach / enlighten you. 

It has been an interesting journey so far. Some sessions are interesting and eye opening and some are extremely boring.  We cover topics from ‘future of learning’, ‘How does human mind learn’ to ‘illuminati’ to ‘Business lessons from Mahabharata’  (just to name a few) But all in all its quite useful and interesting. 

Let me confess. The first line in this blog is a lie. We didnt started this monday jazz because we realized that learning is an integral part and all. We started these sessions because Mondays were really really boring. And we wanted to do something interesting and this just felt right. We have weekend before and this forces us to learn and prepare something to present all. 

We have also tried couple of variations in this. Once we decided to work on moonshot. Which means everyone will think of any big problem in the world they will like to solve and how. Our next idea we are trying is a competition called ‘Nail a concept’. Since we are in education and we are working our assess off on understanding various and the best ways to teach a given concept from lower order to higher order and how to best segment different content, we decided that each one will pick up a concept and share / demonstrate the concept in a way that should give a feeling of ‘WOW’ / ‘AWE’ to the viewer. Its completely open, we can demonstrate outstanding content, assessment, Dissection, learning path, segmentation anything that can be or is being done in TAO.

So its a sunday night and tomorrow I need to present on some topic. I decided I wont sleep till I get something really outstanding, but I am not good in academics and I am really struggling to conclude something that will bring that ‘WOW’ or ‘AWE’ feeling.

And the worst part: Instead of putting my time in working on the concept, I am here writing this blog post, for no reason. 

I think this is good enough realization that I should stop writing and go back to working on ‘Nail a concept’. 

Thank you.

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